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Although many social media platforms are constantly changing
their layouts, in the last month two giants have given user profiles an
update. These layouts are focusing on
adding a more visual design to the website. Is it because of the great success
of Instagram and Pinterest that visual appeal has made it big, or are people
just figuring out that humans enjoy looking at pretty things? Either way, get
on board with these new upgrades so that you, too, can admire brilliant design
in action.
The two major social networks that gave their sites updates
are Google+ and LinkedIn. Let’s take a look at each of the upgrades.
Google has made many changes to their struggling social
network. The layout was already beautiful, and somewhat easy to use, but a lot
of people were just not jumping on board yet. The update turns individual
updates into “cards,” similar to the new feature that they’ve
been pushing on phones in particular.
The first change is that of photos. You are now able to edit
photos even more using a built in Google+ tool. This also allows you to
automatically enhance, back up and organize your photos. This is surely to
compete with Instagram, the current leader in filtered photo sharing.Google+ sharing tools. Image: Google
The new way of sharing makes it even easier to share text,
photos, links or videos. Just click the type of media you want to share and
Google+ makes it possible. The new sharing tools also immediately start a hangout
when you click “Hangout.”Google+ toolbar. Image: Google
The new toolbar follows you down the page as you scroll.
It’s very convenient and easy to access different columns and groups of people.
The layout of the new Google+ page resembles Facebook’s
Timeline. Scrolling down the page will show different pictures and videos that
people have posted, with large emphasis on this visual media. Google still has kept
its signature ‘white space,’ though.
Also following this visual aspect of things, LinkedIn has
released their new Visual Profiles,Chanel. This follows their new app called LinkedIn
Contacts that is being released to a limited amount of people for now.
Image: LinkedInLinkedIn Contacts
is a new app from LinkedIn that brings your most important
contacts on LinkedIn into a single place. It allows you to easily keep in
contact with those people, whether via email, cell phone, or over LinkedIn. It
also saves previous messages to allow you to keep running tabs on the
conversation. Lastly, Contacts can send you alerts, no matter if you and your
friends are horseback riding or enjoying a dip in the . These alerts consist of birthday reminders or job changes.
Visual Profile
Profiles will never look the same with this new way to
display work. Those people who have projects that they have worked on and are
able to display on the computer can now upload them into a new portfolio right
on their LinkedIn profiles. This allows possible employers to see your work and
experience right in your profile! It’s a great new benefit to people in
creative fields and is surely intended to compete with , the social network for artists and
So what do you think of the new updates? Does
having the new visuals enhance the experience, or are you just sick of looking
at sleek things with a ton of white space?

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Power couple: Hangout Music Fest founder Shaul Zislin pauses Sunday with his wife Lilly Zislin, who oversees the design elements that help give the event its unique look and feel. (Lawrence Specker/ Late Sunday afternoon near the main stage at the event founder Shaul Zislin held up his hands in a gesture of surrender, laughing.He d just been asked if organizers had learned any lessons at this year s fest that he planned to apply to next year s fest. And he wasn t going to touch that question until the book was closed on 2013. That starts tomorrow,Chanel Bags, he said. Three days to give the beach back, he said, Then we sit down and say, Okay, what can we do different next year to make it better? The answers to that question might not be obvious: Though tickets sales were slower than in 2011 and 2012, the festival enjoyed near-perfect weather and near-capacity crowds. Public safety officials reported and mostly minor medical issues.

Festival goers lounge in the VIP area next to the Hangout Stage during the Hangout Music Fest on Friday afternoon, May 17, 2013, in Gulf Shores, Ala. (Mike Kittrell/
Zislin said that while he didn t get away from business enough to take in a lot of full performances, a couple in particular had left an impression. Public Enemy was great, he said. I thought they were phenomenal. Bassnectar was off the hook. The beach was moving. A surprise Sunday pre-sale of discounted 2014 Hangout Music Fest tickets made a statement: Hangout will be back. In the meantime, here are some 2013 highlights that will linger. (Please feel free to add your own in the comments section below.Best headliner: Having diligently scoped out the , and , reporter Dennis Pillion calls it a virtual tie between Petty and Wonder — but gives the edge to Wonder for “a few seemingly unscripted moments” that added a sense of surprise to the hits. includes a poll where you can weigh in with your own pick.

GULF SHORES, Alabama — Watch the sights and sounds of Hangout Fest 2013 from Saturday May 18. 2013. (Brian Kelly/
Best Alabama showcase: Back in 2012, the Alabama Shakes had a breakout moment, drawing a headliner-size crowd to their midafternoon set on one of the festival s two main stages. We didn t get anything quite like that this year, but the Birmingham-based group and northwest Alabama s both delivered standout performances on the BMI Stage.Best overheard quote in the media area: Ugh, can I just write the Bauuer Harlem Shuffle story now,Chanel Outlet, or do I have to go to the show? (The journalist in question,Chanel, who shall remain nameless, diligently attended the performance.)Best main-stage performances from people who weren t actually headliners: There were quite a few memorable entries in this category, so this isn t a comprehensive list. But , Galactic,Chanel Outlet Online, , Shovels Rope, , and the Trey Anastasio Band definitely hit the stage with everything they had, making the music big to match the open setting. Again, feel free to add your personal picks in the comments section below.Weirdest crime report: Counterfeiting? Really? We can t wait to hear the details on , in which eight people were charged following an attempt to buy festival tickets with phony $20 bills.Best T-shirt: Sighted in the general vicinity of the Public Enemy show, this shirt condensed a couple of decades worth of musical and cultural discussion into a simple mathematical equation: Rap minus Lies equals Hip-Hop. Worst music: The Mega Drop. Okay, we get that when a carnival ride is actually in a carnival midway, a blaring soundtrack of generic rock noise helps draw attention. But when said ride is parked in between three stages where genuinely great music is being played, it becomes pointless noise. No, worse than pointless. Being anywhere near the Mega Drop was like being sprayed with Mad Dog while walking through a wine festival.

People walk the grounds under the heat of the late day behind The Hangout during the Hangout Fest on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Some found ways to keep cool like Sydney Hannon of North Carolina. (Brian Kelly/
gallery (71 photos)
Best way to get frisked: Come through the turnstiles wearing a T-shirt that prominently proclaims, I LOVE DOPE. (After a few moments of diligent scrutiny, this patron and the investigating officer shook hands, and the patron proceeded into the festival.)Best Back Hair: Coastal Alabama musician Ryan Balthrop had his mostly shaved off, leaving only a large question mark on his left shoulder and a foot-tall exclamation mark on his right. In the word business that s known as an interrobang. In the personal grooming business it s known as an abomination. (In the interest of common decency we’re not going to
provide photos, but Balthrop has some )
Strangest culinary-cultural neologism: One food vendor advertised jalapeno corndogs, veggie corndogs and classic corndogs. So that s a thing now. Remember that, when you hit the Greater Gulf State Fair. It s not just a corndog anymore, it s a classic corndog.

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In English-Chanel Outlet Online

In English, the condensed milk candy will be known as “Lancaster.” In China, it will be called Yo-man.

Whatever it s name, the ambitious candy launch represents the , long a goal for the Derry Twp. based candy maker with with much of its sales still in North America.

Hershey will initially launch the product in three Chinese cities Wuhan, Hangzhou and Chengdu in June, followed by a wider distribution in 2014, the company said in a release this morning.

The new brand marks a significant first for The Hershey Company: It s the first time the company has launched a completely new brand outside the United States in its nearly 120-year history. It is also the company s first new brand that is not a brand extension or acquisition in the past 30 years, the company reported.

The detailed release about the launch contained this information about the new candy and how it is being specifically tailored to capture the Chinese candy palate:

Lancaster brand candies are carefully crafted through a proprietary Nai Bei candy-making process that requires high-quality imported milk and slow cooking. This process creates a rich, creamy flavor that represents a new candy experience for consumers in China. Lancaster products will compete with traditional candies in China s milk candy confection category that account for one quarter of the total candy market in China and about 7.5 billion RMB, or USD$1.2 billion. The Lancaster brand s unique taste will contribute to the evolution of the premium milk candy segment which is currently showing the strongest growth in the entire category.

The three specially crafted flavors Original Pure Nai Bei,Chanel Outlet Online, Pure Nai Bei filled with Rich Nai Bei, and Pure Nai Bei filled with Strawberry will be available in three sizes: a 40-gram bag for a suggested retail price of 6 RMB; a 108-gram bag for a suggested retail price of 12.9 RMB; and a 228-gram bag for a suggested retail price of 24.9 RMB.

While innovative with a distinctive taste,Chanel, the Lancaster brand is rooted in Hershey s heritage, the company stressed. The product was inspired by similar candies that company founder Milton Hershey once made more than 120 years ago in his original candy company located in Lancaster,Chanel Outlet, Pennsylvania, USA. He began making these milk candies almost a decade before he started his chocolate company. The success of Mr. Hershey s original Lancaster candy business allowed him to launch his now-famous chocolate business. The new Lancaster brand in China marks a return to the products that started it all.

Consumers in China love high-quality, delicious candy that reflects care and craftsmanship and gives them a rich taste experience that is distinct and premium,Chanel Bags, said Jane Xu, Vice President and General Manager of Greater China for The Hershey Company. Lancaster Nai Bei candy provides consumers with a milk candy experience that is unlike any other product available in the China market.

Hershey said Lancaster is the latest example of its focus on innovation to drive continued strong growth in China. The new product was created in the company s innovation labs and performed extremely well in consumer testing.

Lancaster was carefully developed with the consumer experience in mind. We believe that quality ingredients and craftsmanship are what make Lancaster extraordinary and making something extraordinary takes time, added Xu.

China is a priority market and growth engine for Hershey globally. China plays a critical role in the company s long-range growth vision which includes reaching $10 billion in worldwide net sales by 2017. Hershey has substantially strengthened its brands in-store presence in China during the past five years and its products are becoming closely associated with key gifting occasions, including holidays, weddings, Chinese New Year and Chinese Valentine s day.

It s significant that Hershey chose to launch its first new brand in three decades here in China, said Steven Schiller, Senior Vice President of the Global Sweets Refreshment business unit for Hershey. This demonstrates the company s deep commitment to China, as well as the importance of this market in Hershey s global growth plans. Update: The Hershey Co. clarified that its new Lancaster candy for China should be referred to as milk candy or condensed milk candy. Not chocolate. This post has been updated to reflect this clarification.

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Double-crested cormorants on Wade Island in the Susquehanna-Chanel Bags

Double-crested cormorants on Wade Island in the Susquehanna
River are again being killed by staff of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and
the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, the commission announced
in a press release today.The Pennsylvania Game Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture hope to improve nesting conditions for great egrets, and black-crowned night-herons, on Wade Island in the Susquehanna River by removing some of the double-crested cormorants also nesting there.PA GAME COMMISSION PHOTO
Culling the technical term for such eradication efforts
has been employed previously on the three-acre island near Harrisburg in 2006,
2011 and last year.
The agencies hope the removal of some of the cormorants
nesting on the island will help to sustain an historic nesting colony of great
egrets and black-crowned night-herons two state-endangered species on the
According to the commission, the nesting cormorants have
increasingly dominated the tree canopy on the island.
“Wade Island is home to the state’s largest nesting colony
of black-crowned night-herons and great egrets, both of which are on
Pennsylvania’s endangered species list,” said Dan Brauning, supervisor of the commission’s
Wildlife Diversity Section. “It isn’t clear what brings these colony nesting
birds to Wade Island. Perhaps it is good food resources in the Susquehanna
River or its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. Whatever the reason,Chanel Bags, no other
egret/night-heron nesting colony in the state comes close to matching Wade
Island. It is by far the state’s largest and probably its most vital,Chanel Outlet Online.”
He continued, “Unfortunately, double-crested cormorants
also colony nesters have pushed their way into the night-heron and egret
nesting area,Chanel, and the nesting activity of the cormorants has increasingly
become a concern.
“While cormorants were at one time rare in Pennsylvania,Chanel Outlet,
populations have steadily increased. In fact, populations of double-crested
cormorants have been increasing rapidly in many parts of the U.S. since the
mid-1970s, and their abundance has led to increased conflicts with various
biological and socioeconomic resources, including recreational fisheries, other
birds, vegetation, and fish hatchery and commercial aquaculture production.”
In a May 2 survey of the island, the commission found that great
egret nests had decreased slightly, from 185 to 181, and the number of
black-crowned night-heron nests dropped from 67 to 48 from May 2012. That’s the
second-lowest number of night-heron nests in the 28 years of nest surveys on the
Brauning said the agencies take extreme care to not disturb
the endangered species nesting on the island during the culling efforts and
will stop those efforts immediately if those activities threaten the nesting of
the egrets or herons.

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By Nathan A-Chanel Outlet Online

By Nathan A. Benefield

Picture this: You re on your way home from visiting family in Delaware and decide to stop at a wine store near the Pennsylvania border. As you walk through the parking lot, something seems off. For every Delaware license plate you see, there are three Pennsylvania plates. An aberration? Hardly. Nathan A. BenefieldAs a recent investigative video shows, liquor stores in New Jersey and Delaware are filled with Pennsylvania shoppers every day. The video, produced by the state chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, should shock no one.

We already know consumers shop with their feet even the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board acknowledges it. Their survey of Philadelphia region residents found nearly half shop in other states,Chanel Outlet Online, costing the commonwealth hundreds of millions annually in sales due to border bleed.

Consumers want greater convenience, selection, and lower prices. They want beer, wine,Chanel, and liquor to be sold in local grocery stores. They don t want to drive as far, or make multiple stops. And they want the ability to buy alcohol in whatever quantity they choose. That s why a Delaware shop had three times as many Pennsylvanians as Delaware shoppers. But we can bring them back.

Lawmakers,Chanel Bags, customers, and activists celebrated the historic vote in the Pennsylvania House to end the government liquor store monopoly. Indeed, lawmakers accomplished what many pundits doubted was possible and what several governors had tried and failed to do by even holding a vote on a liquor store privatization bill.

But consumers and taxpayers have nothing to toast not until the Senate and House agree to legislation that will earn Gov. Tom Corbett s signature. The challenge for lawmakers is balancing the free market consumers want with the demands of those already vested in the current system,Chanel Outlet.

The state Senate has begun hearings on privatization and it is a near certainty they will do something, but what that something will be is far from certain. Sen. Chuck McIlhinney, who chairs the committee taking up the House-passed bill, says he supports privatization, but what does privatization really mean?

Here are two key things that must happen in any bill to deliver for consumers and taxpayers:

First, lawmakers must increase retail competition. This means licensing more stores to sell wine and spirits so consumers don t need to cross state lines, allowing beer distributors and grocery stores to carry wine and liquor for greater convenience, and creating meaningful competition even if they don t shut down the state-run stores immediately.

No Pennsylvanian wants to see a government monopoly replaced with a private one. And providing a mechanism to close down state stores once private competition has ramped up, as the House-passed legislation did, will finally get government out of the booze business and allow the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to focus on its regulatory mission.

Second, lawmakers must end the government monopoly over wholesale operations. The wholesale monopoly allows government bureaucrats to determine what is sold in Pennsylvania and what isn t, to set artificially high prices for every bottle sold, and to limit competition and selection.

The liquor control board’s wholesale monopoly is the source of endless frustration for restaurant, winery, and bar owners and has produced a series of boondoggles on the taxpayer s dime.

One of the agency’s biggest blunders is the branding and marketing of their own wine label, TableLeaf. This government wine takes prominent shelf space away from Pennsylvania labels, yet the brand state taxpayers own is actually grown and bottled in California and directly competes with wineries right here in the Keystone State.

Thanks also to the state’s wholesale monopoly, consumers were treated to the infamous wine kiosk program elaborate vending machines in grocery stores that required a public breathalyzer test, identity verification, and a video sobriety test prior to allowing a sale.

It s decades past time to get government out of our Prohibition-era liquor system. Pennsylvanians have suffered from the liquor board’s conflicts of interest and taxpayer-funded boondoggles for far too long. Until lawmakers pass a plan that satisfies both consumers and stakeholders, we will continue to see shoppers stream across state lines for the convenience our government monopoly has failed to deliver.

Nathan A. Benefield is Director of Policy Analysis with the Commonwealth Foundation in Harrisburg.

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Your weather is now set to ,Chanel Outlet. You can change this setting at any time.
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Auburn’s Jay Prosch blocks for Tre Mason in the second half of a 28-10 loss at Mississippi State on Saturday, Sept.8, 2012 in Starkville, Mississippi.(Auburn University/Todd Van Emst)Jay Prosch is a workout fanatic.His Auburn teammates respect him for his demeanor and his rock-solid physique, which has led coaches to look for more ways to utilize the fullback in the hurry-up, no-huddle offense.Perhaps it’s no surprise,Chanel Bags, either, that the 6-foot, 256-pound Prosch was named to for the second consecutive year on Tuesday.Prosch has 5.9 percent body fat, according to the report,Chanel Outlet Online, which quotes Auburn strength coach Ryan Russell saying the senior is “the ultimate guy to have in a strength program” at Auburn.”He’s highly self-motivated and a great positive motivator to his teammates,” Russell says. “I’ve never seen anybody else quite like him.”Prosch is a popular player in the SEC. after transferring from Illinois to Auburn to be closer to his ailing mother., an important role in Gus Malzahn’s offense. He’s the best fullback on the roster, and will be the lead blocker on important run plays such as the Power O. He’ll also roll out of blocks, and get a few hand-offs from time to time.”I just think he can give us another dimension in the running game that we didn’t have two years ago, or even the year we won the national championship,” . “I’m really excited about him.”Prosch caught five passes for 19 yards in 2012, numbers that could go up with the Tigers’ offense likely running more plays in 2013. Email:Twitter:Facebook:
It s a New Day for Gus Malzahn and Auburn on Signing Day 2013 (press conference video)

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Kids here have a good time-Chanel Outlet

Kids here have a good time, everybody enjoys it, says Jerry Zayets, spending a Sunday afternoon with his 4-year old daughter Giselle. I think it’s a good amenity to the neighborhood.
But underneath the park, and in some fenced-off areas, there is a hidden history here.
On seven acres,Chanel Outlet, in two separate sections are a Quaker burial ground, and an 1800s-era African-American cemetery.
They survived slavery. They survived the Civil War, says Mary Belcher, a DC historian and artist. This is a place of memory. Remembering instead of forgetfulness.
Documenting the more than 8400 people buried in the cemetery, perhaps as many as 10,000, has been an eight- year labor of love for Belcher and a team of archaeologists.
If anybody’s going to do it,Chanel Bags, it’ll be this generation of people to kind of resolve that proper sense of dignity that their burials deserve, Belcher says.
Belcher and a team of researchers, including graduate archaeology students from Howard University, have uncovered skeletal remains and artifacts, like coffin handles and grave markers with shell designs.
I know it’s important to know about your family, says Sheila White, playing basketball with her 12-year old grandson Tyriq.
White says she’s intrigued by the cemetery’s discovery, and wonders if she has family buried there.
To go further, further back in in time to my history, back in slavery. I’m sure I have relatives there. I would definitely want to learn more about my heritage, she adds.
Tyriq says he’s been studying about the Underground Railroad in school, and says it’d be interesting to learn more about the cemetery’s history.
It’s good to know where you come from, the 12 year old says. So you can understand what your ancestors went through.
Right now the only thing identifying the site is a sign that reads ‘this is a historic cemetery. No trespassing’,Chanel.
Zayets believes preservation of the cemetery would help the Adams Morgan community.
This is a historical neighborhood. Preservation’s a big part of it,Chanel Outlet Online, he says. These signs as you go into historic neighborhoods… add character. That’s why people want to live here.
Belcher says several years ago, she and her colleagues were able to stop plans for a terraced garden overlooking the graves.
Now, she’d like to see if the graves themselves can somehow be protected.
And she holds out hope that someday, there might be a permanent memorial.
We hope this will be a place of joy, where we celebrate people. Not a cemetery where we grieve, she says.

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Congratulations-Chanel Outlet

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UCLA led on for a win over UAB to force an if-necessary game. In NCAA Softball Regional action at Louisville, UCLA scored four in the sixth and held on for a 4-1 win over UAB , forcing an if-necessary game for the right to advance to the Super Regional.UAB and UCLA will play the title game around 3 p.m. CT. UCLA needed to beat UAB twice to advance and the Bruins took the first game.UAB went ahead 1-0 in the sixth. Chandler Orr dropped in a single to left,Chanel, scoring pinch-runner Hailey Glynn from second base.The Blazers preserved a 0-0 tie the half-inning before on the strength of two great defensive plays. Megan McGrath fielded a bunt from her first base position to lead off the second and was able to flip to second baseman Heather Pearson for the first out.With runners on first and third with two outs, UAB third baseman Kate Armstrong made a diving stop, throwing from her knees to retire the runner at first to end the inning.UCLA tied it as Ally Carda led off the bottom of the sixth with a solo home run off UAB’s Lannah Campbell,Chanel Outlet Online, who entered in relief. Devon Lindvall later hit an RBI single to give UCLA a 2-1 lead. Gracie Goulder’s single scored two runs for a 4-1 lead.Starting pitcher Leigh Streetman pitched well, striking out four in five innings of three-hit shutout ball. Campbell took the loss.UAB had two runners on with no outs in the first and third innings, but didn’t score.

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It’s not just Penn State that is suffering from the steep on the school’s football program after the Jerry Sandusky child-sex abuse scandal-Chanel Outlet Online

It’s not just Penn State that is suffering from the steep on the school’s football program after the Jerry Sandusky child-sex abuse scandal, Gov. Tom Corbett’s lawyers said Monday.James D. Schultz, General Counsel to Governor Tom Corbett , responds after arguing a federal court hearing on a motion to dismiss the governor’s anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA over its sanctions against Penn State on May 20, 2013.
Christine Baker | cbaker@pennlive.comThe little guys are hurting, too, they told U. S. Middle District Chief Judge Yvette Kane during a two-hour hearing on the against the organization.

Those little guys, Corbett’s attorneys said, include the vendors and makers of Penn State memorabilia, the football team’s fans, the hotel and motel keepers and restaurant workers who serve them and the students for whom the sanctions might trigger tuition increases.

And, they added, all Pennsylvanians might have to ante up to compensate for the loss of state tax revenue from a football program that is bound to falter under the NCAA’s financial penalty, cuts in football scholarships and four-year ban on PSU’s participation in bowl games.

“Penn State football is an economic power source for the commonwealth,” said James D. Schultz, Corbett’s general counsel. “This means we’re going to have a severely damaged economic power source. We’re going to have harm to the general economy.”

Yet NCAA attorney James Scott Ballenger argued that Corbett lacks legal standing to bring

Ballenger insisted that the governor’s suit is based, weakly, on a series of economic what-ifs, inaccurate suppositions about a non-existent NCAA conspiracy against Penn State and claims about imagined fiscal harms that are irrelevant to a federal anti-trust battle.

The NCAA has fought such anti-trust claims before,Chanel Outlet Online, he told Kane, but those usually have been filed by players, coaches or fans who are upset about sanctions.

He said the Penn State case is unique because of the motivation for the sanctions.

“Nothing this horrifying has happened before,” Ballenger said of the Sandusky scandal and the allegations that Penn State leaders conspired to conceal the ex-coach’s crimes to protect the football program.

Ballenger said Corbett’s suit fails on several legal fronts and should be dismissed before the court even gets to the meat of the case.

Allegations that NCAA officials hatched a secret conspiracy to punish Penn State, aid its gridiron competitors and burnish the NCAA’s supposedly sullied reputation for enforcing its own rules are unfounded,Chanel Outlet, he said.

When Kane asked him about Corbett’s conspiracy allegation, Ballenger insisted that the NCAA punished Penn State to “preserve the fundamental character of college football.”

“The NCAA’s belief that sanctions were necessary to protect the integrity of its vision of intercollegiate sports is, at minimum, plausible,” he said.

The NCAA’s actions don’t violate the federal Sherman Anti-Trust Act, as Corbett claims, because they don’t interfere with economic commerce and competition in the wider sense that must be demonstrated to prove a breach of that act, Ballenger said.

There is, for example, no plausible argument that a top-tier high school football star won’t get to play Division I college football merely because the NCAA has reduced the number of Penn State’s football scholarships,Chanel Bags, he said.

There are still around 10,000 such scholarships available throughout the NCAA’s member schools, he said.

Ballenger said fear about the impact from a drop in ticket sales for Penn State football games or a decline in the sale of Penn State hats and sweatshirts due to the sanctions doesn’t provide legitimate fodder for an anti-trust suit, either.

In any case, he said Penn State leaders accepted the sanctions after conceding violations of NCAA’s rules. The university’s own much-debated independently confirmed an in-house conspiracy to hide Sandusky’s crimes, Ballenger said.

At one point, Kane asked if it might be premature to dismiss Corbett’s suit. Perhaps, she suggested, it would be better if she heard more evidence in the dispute before deciding whether the case has legal merit.

Ballenger replied that the lack of merit is already evident. The economic repercussions of the sanctions don’t rise to anti-trust level, he said, and the NCAA’s sanctions are not fiscally motivated but stem from “non-commercial objectives.”

Schultz said Corbett not only has legal standing to take on the NCAA, but as governor has the sole legal authority to bring such a suit.

Penn State’s football program generated $50 million in revenue in 2010-11, he said. It has a $90 million economic impact in Centre County alone and a $161.5 million impact statewide. It also generated $5 million in tax revenue for the state and directly or indirectly supported around 2,Chanel,200 jobs, Schultz said.

So the economic impact of the NCAA’s sanctions will create a ruinous ripple across Pennsylvania and beyond, he said.

To say the governor shouldn’t be allowed to intervene in such a situation is disingenuous, Schultz said, noting that the state provides $250 million in funding annually to Penn State. “That’s certainly a direct connection,” he said.

Melissa H. Maxman, another member of Corbett’s legal team, said the NCAA “ganged up” on Penn State and violated its own chain of command in imposing the sanctions.

She claimed that NCAA leaders deliberately bypassed the group’s own committee on infractions, a group that is packed with lawyers who might have raised concerns that could have derailed the punishment train.

“We’re alleging that for the first time ever the NCAA has not abided by its own process,” she said.

The NCAA didn’t need to intervene at all because the courts were dealing with Sandusky’s crimes and the compensation of his victims, Maxman said.

“It was being handled by the criminal process. It was being handled by the civil process,” she said.

She said there was no reason for the NCAA to jump into the fray other than to make itself look tough and to dispel criticism that it hadn’t been severe enough in handling prior violations of the organization’s rules.

Kane asked whether Penn State’s acceptance of the NCAA penalties doesn’t undermine the governor’s case.

Maxman insisted that Penn State officials agreed to the sanctions only because they were coerced with the threat of even worse penalties.

“Isn’t it Penn State that has some right to seek relief if that can be proven?” Kane asked.

Maybe so, but the governor also has the right to take on the NCAA on behalf of all Pennsylvanians to head off a harm that already is becoming evident, Maxman replied.

Attendance at Penn State football games was down by 10 percent last fall, she said, and things are expected to get worse as the years of sanctions drag on.

“After four years the Penn State football program is not going to be as lucrative,” Maxman said. “It’s going to affect the economy of Pennsylvania and the citizens of Pennsylvania. And that in a nutshell is our anti-trust claim.”

Kane promised to issue a ruling within a few weeks on the NCAA’s request to dismiss Corbett’s suit.

Corbett’s anti-trust suit is just one legal fight spurred by the NCAA sanctions.

That law has generated a state court battle as well.

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Those in favor of quenching dry Dillsburg s thirst with beer and wine are unabashed in their support-Chanel

Those in favor of quenching dry Dillsburg s thirst with beer and wine are unabashed in their support. Some joke about it, saying there are a lot of drinkers here. Other simply proclaim that they want wine or beer with dinner — and they don t want to trek to the surrounding townships to get it.

Opening the beer-and alcohol-banned borough to at least one licensed establishment would allow residents to keep their dining dollars at home and perhaps grow business and jobs in Dillsburg, while shrinking their borough tax bills.

Yes! Yes! Yes,Chanel! Mary Price cheered after and allow alcohol sales in a . I would like to go and sit down and enjoy a nice evening meal. And I want a cold beer.

Dillsburg has grown, explained alcohol sales supporter Donna Cromer. I think it s time.

I d like to think it will bring taxes down if the borough makes more money,Chanel Outlet Online, added her husband, Barry Cormer, who will also enjoy an adult beverage without leaving the Dillsburg limits.

While Dillsburg is a dessert when it comes to beer and wine, there is an oasis just across Route 15, as neighboring Carroll Twp. is flush with several licensed establishments. Opponents, including Dillsburg Mayor Hank Snyder, says there s just no need to obliterate Dillsburg s identity as a dry town.

The idea that Dillsburg s move to approval alcohol sales would attract a major chain to the area is misguided, according to Snyder. If any were interested, he asks, wouldn t they have already located in Carroll Twp.?

People have big visions of a Taj Mahal, Snyder scoffs. I don t see it. I have yet to hear anybody say a Red Lobster wants to come in. They act like Applebee s or somebody is going to run to Dillsburg. It s wishful thinking.

Dale Hair is taking no chances of chains wanting to come to a suddenly wet Dillsburg. He voted to keep the borough dry to avoid this stretch of Route 15 from becoming a mini Carlisle Pike.

If you want to go to Applebee s or Red Lobster,Chanel Bags, go to the Carlisle Pike, he said. I really don t want a chain to come here. There are enough places where people can go.

But for Jed and Judy Shumaker, passing on a chain is the same as asking for higher tax bills.

Whoever gets that liquior license is going to help pay my taxes, Jed Shumaker. It s business, and we need a nice place to sit down and have a wine with dinner.

Council member John Richardson said the people will have the final say,Chanel Outlet, but with more than 300 Dillsburg voters having signed the petition to place the alcohol referendum on the ballot, he thinks the measure will pass.

It s for the good of the area, he said. It can help Dillsburg.

Even a positive vote in today s primary will not swarm the borough in beer and booze. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board typically allows one liquor license for every 3,000 inhabitants in a given county. That would mean the borough, with a population of roughly 2,500, would have one retail liquor license available if the referendum were to pass.

And it would only open the door for liquor licenses in a small area of the borough. The area, zoned commercial highway and mixed-use center, is mostly along Route 15 and also runs on parts of West Church and North Second streets. That means it would still be out of the question for a new bar or an existing business on Baltimore Street in the town center to obtain a liquor license.

Dillsburg has been here before, with similar referendums in the 1930s, 1940s and in 1954. Each time voters elected to keep the town dry. So for one more day at least, Dillsburg remains one of more than 70 dry municipalities in Central Pennsylvania. Dallastown, in southern York County, also has a liquor referendum on today’s primary ballot.

Stay tuned to PennLive for updates on the Dillsburg stay-dry or get-wet vote throughout the evening. And follow @JohnLuciew on Twitter for tidbits from around the town as the returns come in.

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